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Finland overhauls timber price information data

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Issue date: 
December 1, 2010
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Timber Industry Magazine
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More detailed price information, including data broken down by felling type, is to be published by Finland’s forest industry in a bid to help timber sales.

The Finnish Forest Industries Federation (FFIF) said the current price information based on the average stumpage price of all standing sales had become outdated.

“The publication of approximate information has fuelled uncertainty in the markets and does not help strengthen confidence in the functionality of the timber market,” the FFIF said.

“More detailed price information will improve the transparency of the timber market and ease the decision-making of both buyers and sellers.”

Future weekly price information will be broken down by region and felling type, separating information on first thinning, other thinnings and regeneration felling prices. Price data on small logs will also be reported separately.

“This will provide a more detailed picture about the prices of timber grades, which are suitable for different uses.”

Finland is the only country to compile timber price information on a weekly basis. Timber purchases by FFIF members account for 84% of sales from private forests on average.


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