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First wood framed housing project in Richmond, B.C. lost in massive fire

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A massive fire destroyed the controversial wood-framed housing project being constructed in Richmond, British Columbia last night.

The building was taking advantage of British Columbia’s Wood First initiative and was designed to be wood framed up to its sixth storey. Called “The Remy”, the development would have been one of the first new buildings in B.C. to go more than four storeys high using wood, rather than concrete. 188 condo units were planned for the development, including varied affordable-housing options, including seniors’ housing and a daycare. The building was expected to be completed by December, 2011.

The reason it was controversial was ironically due to the fear that in the event of a fire, Richmond Fire Rescue’s fire trucks can only reach 18 metres – under ideal conditions.

Flames were described as shooting up twice as high as the building. Additional fire fighters were brought in from Vancouver to right small fires that were sparked from burning ash that was falling in the residential neighbourhood.

The cause of the fire has not yet been determined. No injuries have been reported, however an empty house next door to the development also was consumed by the fire.

Editors note: Curious about fire safety of wooden buildings? Read this and get more information on that issue...


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