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AS Government continues its fight to make countries become better aware of its policies on forest conservation and sustainable development, through the visionary Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS), Agriculture Minister Robert Persaud on Friday last inked an agreement with the Democratic Republic of Congo, to increase cooperation between the two countries in the field of forestry and wood industries.

The MOU, which was signed by Minister Persaud and Congolese Minister of Forestry and Sustainable Development Henri Djombo, will pave the way for the strengthening of South-South cooperation between the two countries.
The agreement will see the two countries establishing and developing cooperation to address sustainable forest management, REDD+ initiatives, and the enhancement and development of processed wood and wood-based construction industries.
Recognizing the importance of sustainable utilisation and the preservation of forest resources in the economic and social development of the two countries, which boast large areas of pristine rainforest, the bilateral cooperation in the technical, industrial and managerial aspect of the forest industry will significantly enhance the development of the two countries. 
Other initiatives will include:

  • exchange visits by delegations from the two countries
  • exchange of information on science and technology relating to forest, tree seedlings, genetic material and other forest resources
  • participation of group studies and human resource training
  • collaboration in research and production and joint surveys, and
  • trading in timber and other forestry products and the training of technicians and other experts in forestry-related disciplines.

Guyana and Congo have also established a joint working commission which will be headed by two co-presidents.
The commission will be assisted by a secretariat provided by the Director of Forest Resource Development of the Ministry of Sustainable Development of Forest Economy and Environment of Congo, and the Guyana Forestry Commission.  
The MOU is a five-year agreement between the two countries.
The Congolese minister and his team were on a three-day fact finding mission to Guyana in July, 2010, and another on May 10, this year, during which they were exposed to the country’s vast forestry resources.
During the visit, Congolese Minister Djombo committed to adopting Guyana’s sustainable development model. (GINA)


Extpub | by Dr. Radut