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IIMA Consultora collaborates on the first REDD avoided deforestation project in Northern Argentina

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Dec. 1, 2010
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Environmental Experts
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IIMA Consultora is developing this avoided deforestation project to address the causes of degradation of an important forestry extension of nearly 50,000 ha, in the Chaco region in the province of Salta, northeast Argentina. This, the first REDD project developed in Argentina, poses an alternative to forest clearing based on the generation of carbon credits through the conservation of the woodland. In this way the financial credit that is generated enables the maintenance and recovery of existing Chaco forest in return for renouncing any clearing, forestry or agricultural exploitation which are included in the province development plans.

The project falls within the voluntary emissions reduction initiative, promoting the generation of VER credits which, in this case, will be certified under the international Voluntary Carbon Standard. In a second phase, IIMA will scope and define the exploitation projects (wrecking, removal, logging, soya and maize crops, planting of pasture and livestock benefit).


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