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Lenzing AG and Smartfiber Intensify Cooperation

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Dec 21, 2011
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Lenzing AG, the world leader in industrially produced cellulose fibers and the German company smartfiber AG / Rudolstadt expanding their cooperation. Lenzing is the future of smart fiber lyocell special fibers developed smartcel SeaCell ® ™ and produce exclusively for the smartfiber AG Lenzing / Austria.

Lenzing was awarded in 2007 to smartfiber a license for the pilot production of novel lyocell special fibers. In addition, cooperate smartfiber and Lenzing for some years in the development of materials and in various research projects.

Now the pilot plant of smartfiber reasons of profitability of Rudolstadt was transferred to Lenzing, in spite of rising energy and commodity prices, the commercialization of smartcel ™ - to resume quickly and SeaCell ® fibers. The integration into the world's largest cellulose fiber production Lenzing site will allow a significantly better cost structure. In addition, the facility was due to the constantly increasing volume of orders finally reached its capacity limits and did not do an adequate job coordination and the adoption of large orders possible. The distribution and marketing of smartcel SeaCell ® ™ and remain in the hands of smart fiber.

The smartcel ™ - and SeaCell ® fibers are primarily used in home textiles, fashion and medicine in the segment. The SeaCell ® fibers contain valuable substances from marine algae, which promote health, maintain and protect the skin against free radicals. smartcel ™ Sensitive is the first anti-bacterial, natural fiber on the market, which is mixed with the essential trace element zinc and thereby allows a regenerative skin care and hygiene in textiles.

The smart fiber-management sees in intensified cooperation with Lenzing is an important, future-oriented step for the benefit of customers and a real win-win situation for the companies involved. The high competence of Lenzing in the production and processing of lyocell fibers under the brand name TENCEL ® so mixed with the original and innovative patented technology of function-based fiber products smartfiber. The objective of smartfiber is to provide customers and interested parties to provide the best quality, service-oriented order processing and enhanced marketing support to promote sales.

Lenzing is the inclusion of the pilot production for smartfiber at the Lenzing site represents a logical continuation of the years between smartfiber and Lenzing existing research and development cooperation.


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