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More about the Ontario Wood program

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July 12th, 2012
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Forest Talk
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Last year, Ontario unveiled a new “Ontario Wood” program to promote Ontario grown wood to consumers.

The program is modelled after the highly successful Foodland Ontario brand and promotes the benefits of buying high-quality Ontario wood products while raising awareness of the sustainability of the province’s forestry industry and the diversity and variety of Ontario wood products.

Products that carry the Ontario Wood logo come from tree species that are indigenous or commercially grown in Ontario, and all wood-product processing must take place in the province.  To carry the Ontario Wood logo, the wood product has to be certified by the program, and the manufacturer has to sign a contract.

There are currently over 40 licensees, including small artisans, sawmills and manufacturers of hardwood floors, doors and other products. The licensees range from some of the largest lumber producers in eastern Canada to small- to medium-sized companies that sell through multiple outlets, including directly to consumers.

The program is run by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.

For more information, visit OntarioWood.ca.


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