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National approach to LCDS will create opportunities for citizens

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Issue date: 
03 January 2012
Publisher Name: 
NCN Guyana
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Guyana will continue to embrace a national approach regarding the Low Carbon Development Strategy so that all can be involved and become beneficiaries of the green economic imitative.

According to the Guyanese leader, President Ramotar, the activities of mankind are still to be blamed for the environmental challenges faced globally today

He pointed to the continued emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere which if not curtailed can have catastrophic effects on the world and peoples way of life. As such he assures of Guyana's continued commitment to pursue a green economy and the benefits of the low carbon development strategy will be further realised this year.

The President acknowledged that there needs to be a new approach regarding climate change internationally and Guyana is setting the pace in this regard.

Mr. Ramotar has pledged that in 2012 the government will continue to work towards maintaining the momentum of progress made in the implementation of the strategy which enables Guyana to continue preserving its valued natural rainforest without sacrificing social and economic development.

Guyana earned US $70M through the forest carbon partnership agreement with Norway. The money is secured in the Guyana reduced emission from deforestation and forest degradation investment fund (GRIF) that was established in October 2010.


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