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The Prince of Wales begins project to protect area of rainforest the size of Wales

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Issue date: 
07 Sep 2010
Publisher Name: 
The Daily Telegraph
Louise Gray
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The Size of Wales project aims to either plant trees or protect existing forest in Africa equivalent to the size of Wales, or two million ruby pitches.

The fund will raise money from the public as well as sending out Welsh volunteers to help on deforestation programmes.

Prince Charles, who has long campaigned to halt deforestation around the world, said the idea was a “positive hands on” approach to fighting climate change.

“Two million hectares – or more usefully – 2 million rugby pitches will be a significant achievement and importantly, will show great leadership to other nations to do the same,” he said.

“The people of Wales will be the first in the world to mobilise such a national response to the problem of tropical deforestation and climate change. It will be civil society itself – taking positive action to make a real difference."

The Prince launched Size of Wales as part of an ongoing tour around the country to promote sustainable living.

The Start initiative is encouraging projects around Britain that help to tackle climate change.

Hannah Scrase, Size of Wales Project Manager, hoped other small countries will also pledge to protect rainforests.

“An area the size of Wales is frequently used to measure the rate of forest destruction around the world,” she said. “This project turns the negative use of our nation's size on its head, and encourages people to help protect an area of rainforest equivalent to the size of Wales,” she said.


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