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Russia provides 1/3 of timber import in China

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January 21st, 2011
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Russian Federation has always been a leader in export of raw material, especially timber. Though government is trying to reduce round timber export and support timber processing, Russia still remains major exporter of round timber and one of the leading suppliers of sawn timber and woodchip. One half of this export materials is a coniferous sawlog and rough timber, which goes to China.

Measures assumed by the Russian government, which were aimed to reduce round timber export, led to import of sawn timber and pulp in China,  they also led to the growth of raw material delivery  from other countries (first of all New Zealand). According to RBC in 2009 export of round timber decreased by 30 %,  and in 2010 it increased only by 2%. Nowadays  part of Russia in chinese import is about 43%.

Taking into consideration high rates of rough  timber import development in China (according to preliminary data 48%), we should emphasize that the part of Russian suppliers exceeds 30%. It is expected that this trend will continue in future.  Chinese economy has the highest rate of development in the world - level 9 - 10% a year. Deficiency of round timber within the country and governmental restrictions on raw round timber export will lead to the growth of semi-processed timber (sawn timber, veneer, pulp) and recycled paper import in China.

According to RBC, Asian countries (China, Japan) will remain main foreign consumers of Russian timber (except Finland). Exporters will pay special attentions to markets with growing timber deficiency, such as Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan. Foundation of timber processing plant in Russian timber regions very soon may become one of the most successful projects.

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