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SCA Östrand granted new environmental conditions

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Feb 17, 2011
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Paperindex Times
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Sundsvall, Sweden, Feb 17, 2011 - The Environmental Court has granted SCA Östrand new conditions under the Environmental Code for the mill’s activities. This will allow the mill to ultimately increase production up to 660,000 tonnes of pulp.

The new maximum permissible production level of 660,000 tonnes of pulp, of which 550,000 tonnes of kraft pulp and 110,000 tonnes of CTMP (chemi-thermomechanical pulp), provides scope for continued efficiency enhancements and a long-term gradual increase in production.

The conditions have been approved by the Environmental Court following the negotiation process with supervisory bodies conducted in accordance with the Environmental Code.

“We will now examine more closely the implications of the new conditions. At first glance, they seem challenging, but balanced,” says Ingela Ekebro.

As a result of earlier investments, SCA has been able to steadily increase production and reduce the mill’s environmental footprint. The most recent in a line of investments is the ongoing construction of a new lime kiln, which is expected to be operational by the end of the year. This investment of SEK 500m enables a production increase and reduces CO2 emissions from fossil fuels by 80%.

Pursuant to earlier environmental conditions, SCA Östrand was licensed to produce 420,000 tonnes of kraft pulp and 90,000 tonnes of CTMP.


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