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UN to monitor aid for climate change

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Issue date: 
01 July 2011
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Post Zambia
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THE United Nations says it will closely monitor all the funds it will give Zambia for climate change projects.

And the UN has given Zambia US$4.5 million for the implementation of the UN-REDD plus project.

In an interview, United Nations Development Plan (UNDP) environment finance advisor for Africa Josep Gari said corruption was undermining the country’s development.

Gari said the UN would set up an anti-corruption initiative to ensure that the funds were put to good use.

“Funding brings new opportunities to Zambia but at the same time opens new opportunities to corruption. The UN agencies will ensure that they follow up all the expenses of the money they fund,” Gari said.

He said the funds were for important projects that were meant to benefit not only Zambia but the globe.

Gari said it was important for leaders in the country to know that the funds were meant to help the people.

And the UN has given Zambia US$4.5 million for the implementation of the United Nations Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation (UN-REDD) project.

Gari said the funds would be used for capacity building of the UN-REDD programme.

UN-REDD is a UN programme designed to assist developing countries that have difficulties in formulating policies and funding projects on conserving forests.

Gari said the project would compensate countries that would enhance their programmes on reforestation and conservation of the forest.

“Developed countries have realised that it is cheaper to reduce emissions by conserving forests instead of reducing on industrialisation,” said Gari.


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