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UN-REDD: Democratic Republic Congo

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March 2010
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With forests covering 58.9 % of land area, the DRC is home to the second largest tropical rainforest in the world and making rapid and sensible progress towards readiness. The “Coordination Nationale” (National Coordination) was recently established to pilot the REDD Process in the DRC.

The Programme

This initial DRC UN-REDD programme aims at putting in place the enabling conditions for a REDD strategy in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It was elaborated through a qualitative dialogue with governmental and non-governmental stakeholders, both national and international.

The DRC REDD process, and management of readiness, are grounded in principles of:

  • One national process, to which the different technical and funding partners (such as the UN-REDD Programme and the FCPF) are contributing
  • Participation
  • Transparency
  • Technical Quality
  • Integration within the regional strategy led by COMIFAC


The Progress

October 2009 : Joint UN-REDD Programme and FCPF mission

A joint UN-REDD programme/FCPF mission was organized on 12-16 October. Its objectives were to 1) clarify roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders, including the Ministry of Environment, Conservation, Nature and Tourism, the National Coordination, and the UN-REDD Programme and FCPF 2) improve coordination of these REDD interventions 3) validate and finalize terms of reference for a MRV system 4) examine challenges related to implementation of the REDD process and 5) revise and update the workplan. At the conclusion of the joint mission the Climate Change and REDD civil society working group expressed their satisfaction about the process in a press release (English/French).

September 2009:  Consultation and Awareness Raising Workshop in Bukavu

On 22-23 September a consultation and awareness raising workshop was held in Bukavu. Over one participants from the public and private sectors of the Sud-Kivu, Nord-Kivu and Maniema provinces exchanged perspectives and information on forests and climate change, the UNFCCC, deforestation and forest degradation in general, as well as on the more focused topics of the REDD national workplan, the engagement of civil society in the process and information, education and communication activities. Expectations and concerns were heard and addressed. A report of the workshop is available in French here.

August 2009: Launch Workshop in Kinshasa

Organized jointly by the Ministry of Environment, Conservation, Nature and Tourism, this workshop was co-sponsored by the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility and the UN-REDD Programme. The objective was to raise awareness on this process and to launch the REDD readiness activities.

Participated members of: the government, at the state and provincial levels, academia, civil society, the private sector, donors, international NGOs (African Wildlife Foundation, Conservation International, ONFi, Rainforest Foundation, Wildlife Conservation Society and World Wildlife Fund), the Executive Secretariat of COMIFAC and focal points from Congo Basin member countries.

The launch was articulated around three highlights: an official opening session, including remarks by Environment Ministry Mr. Jose Endundo, presentations by experts, and an official closing session. A summary of the workshop is available (in French) here.

Institutional framework
  • The National Coordination ("Coordination Nationale"), established by the Government pilots the REDD process and the implementation of UN-REDD and FCPF programmes. It comprises the National Coordinator (nominated by the Government) and a International technical Assistant (funded by AFD/WWF), a UN-REDD lead technical Advisor (Conseiller Technique Principal), an IEC specialist; a administrative responsible and an accountant.
  • Civil society has created a Climate and REDD working group, who will have the following roles :
    - Key point person for the Coordination Nationale;
    - Forum to consider and manage consultation and participation aspects;
    - Space for analysis, dialogue and communication on REDD.
  • A national Task Force, which comprises civil society representatives, was created to follow and support UNFCCC and REDD negotiations.



The REDD Process in the DRC is supported jointly by the UN-REDD Programme and the FCPF.

Institutional partners include the Climate and REDD Civil Society working group, WWF, WHRC, Rainforest Foundation and ONF International and COMIFAC (Conference des Ministres en Charge des Forets d'Afrique Centrale) at the regional level.

Ongoing REDD readiness activities include:
  • Coordination and consultation, including awareness raising workshops and  the development of an Information, Education and Communication plan
  • REDD strategy: terms of reference are under development; several studies underway; a division is being created within the MECNT
  • Reference scenario: terms of reference are being developed
  • MRV system: planning for a national forest carbon inventory is underway; a training project for carbon measurement is with the University of Kisangani is being considered.

DR Congo REDD+ Program, Version 1 March 2010,

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