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Working closely with Indigenous Peoples and Civil Society Organizations as well as academia, the Secretariat of the Environment and INFONA (National Forestry Institute) are leading the activities on REDD in Paraguay


The Paraguay UN-REDD National Programme is under Development

August 2008: Submission of proposal to participate in the UN-REDD Programme

September 2008: Submission is approved

December 2008: UN-REDD presentation by SEAM (Secretariat of the Environment) and INFONA (National Forestry Institute) to CAPI (Coordinating Committee for Indigenous Peoples Self Determination) and Civil Society Organizations

February 2009: UN-REDD scooping mission

April 2009: UN-REDD formulation mission. Meetings were held with authorities, ITAIPU, local NGOs network, Indigenous Peoples organizations, and forest committees 

Next steps
1. Confirmation of the composition of the REDD working groups:
  • Technical team (INFONA, SEAM, CAPI): Several meetings and work sessions have been held, but the team has not been officially constituted yet.
  • UN-REDD Working Group or Grupo Impulsor UNREDD : Meetings have been held in preparation for the establishment of the official UN-REDD Working Group yet.
  • National Environment Council (“CONAM”) : Discussions are under way to faciliate the constitution of the UN-REDD working group

2. Agreement between SEAM and INFONA on implementation/coordination arrangements for UN-REDD

3. Indigenous People’s consensus/validation process of the UN-REDD National Joint Programme


Paraguay REDD+ Program, Version 1 March 2010,

PDF, 230 kB


Extpub | by Dr. Radut