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Why isn't Australia keen on 'woody biomass'

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Issue date: 
August 16th 2010
Publisher Name: 
ABC Rural
Matt Brann
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The former Rudd Government's Emissions Trading Scheme has been all but swept under the carpet, with neither Julia Gillard's government or the Opposition committing to such a scheme.

If or when the idea of a carbon tax returns to Australian politics, there's one form of renewable energy that many in Australia's forestry industry want government to consider.

WA chairman of Australia's Institute of Foresters David Wettenhall, says left-overs from the nation's forestry industry, everything from organic matter from trees to sawdust and timber off-cuts, is an energy source just waiting to be used.

"All the renewable talk is about wind power, tidal power and solar power, whereas woody biomass is a well known technology, it's just not hitting the political agenda which is really strange."

Mr Wettenhall says up to 10 per cent of the fuel supply into a coal-fired power mill could be done with woody biomass, without having to modify the burning facilities.

"That in effect means that 10 per cent of the electricity coming out of coal-fired power station could be renewable energy."

He says woody biomass can also be turned into various liquid forms allowing it to be used as a transportation fuel.


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