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The National | vor 11 Jahre 9 months

The PNG Forest Industries Association recently released a comprehensive report on the economic importance of land use in the country. The report, entitled The economic benefits of land-use in Papua New Guinea, examines how reduced emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD)...

vor 11 Jahre 9 months

One of the bright spots at the Copenhagen climate change summit could be the establishment of a scheme to protect forests and their carbon-absorbing capacity

ForestTalk | vor 11 Jahre 9 months

A new Greenpeace report shows, that despite receiving advice to not extend the company's licence, the Ontario government allowed AbitibiBowater to clearcut thousands of hectares of vital woodland caribou habitat in northwestern Ontario, increasing the threat to the survival of caribou, a...

vor 11 Jahre 9 months

France has proposed that one fifth of the money raised for developing countries to deal with climate change is ring-fenced for the fight against deforestation and investments in forestry projects,  for the next three year,  in order to  protectof natural forestry and mitigate climate change.

Timber Investment Blog | vor 11 Jahre 9 months

The rainy season in Brazil is from December to July and is universally recognised by the forestry operators in situ as the optimum time for planting out the seedlings destined for the forestry plantations.  Beyond this period, the weather becomes very dry and extremely hot, with temperatures...

ForestInvestmentBlog | vor 11 Jahre 9 months

Wood Energy features in the news from India and the United States.  An Indian power generation company has recently announced that negotiations are ongoing with “Green Energy Resources” with respect to a supply of more than 7 million tons of wood chips, valued at over $576 million over a 12-...

Bretton Woods Project | vor 11 Jahre 9 months

As the Bank seeks to position itself as the vehicle of choice for future climate finance, the experience of the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF) calls its competence into question.

vor 11 Jahre 9 months

A number of issues still need to be resolved, but the scheme on reduced emissions from deforestation and degradation (REDD) is likely to make progress at the climate conference, says the chairman of the REDD talks within the UN climate negotiations. The potential is an agreement on a carbon trading...

Reuters | vor 11 Jahre 9 months

LONDON (Reuters) - Buyers of offsets in the global voluntary carbon market are showing increased interest in so-called exotic and U.S. credits, market players said on Wednesday. Voluntary carbon offsets allow individuals and companies to compensate for their own greenhouse gas emissions by...

ForestTalk | vor 11 Jahre 9 months

For years there has been a strong divide between those that believe mankind is causing global warming and those that don't. Now there is evidence that leading global warming scientists have been misleading the world for years, hiding - and possibility erasing - data that provides the earth has...

The Guardian | vor 11 Jahre 9 months

Confidential papers reveal Europeans want assistance for poorer countries to come from existing cash pot. The EU was accused of threatening the global climate talks last night after confidential papers showed it wants existing overseas aid funding to be used to help poor countries adapt to...

vor 11 Jahre 9 months

Tourism is considered to be a highly climate-sensitive economic sector similar to agriculture. This has encouraged industry players to look at new ways to respond effectively to these problems.

Reuters | vor 11 Jahre 9 months

SANTIAGO, Nov 27 (Reuters) - Chilean industrial conglomerate Copec COP.SN said on Friday its nine-month profit tumbled 43.3 percent from a year ago, but its businesses were recovering from the worst of the global financial crisis.

ForestTalk | vor 11 Jahre 9 months

  Tembec Inc. today confirmed that Tembec SAS, its European subsidiary, has retained the services of investment bankers Houlihan Lokey to review strategic options for the two Kraft pulp mills held by subsidiaries of Tembec SAS. While still exploring other strategic options, Tembec SAS has...

vor 11 Jahre 9 months

Farmers who cut and burn trees in Brazil's part of the Amazon River Basin cause less environmental destruction, than rich Western nations have done in the past, the Brazilian President says. (read more about historical deforestation here)

EuroForestPortal | vor 11 Jahre 9 months

Land areas around the world totalling more than the size of Canada have been identified as having potential to be restored to good quality, healthy forests, a new study has found.

vor 11 Jahre 9 months

Expert-Level Meeting of the Ministerial Conference on the Protection of Forests in Europe (MCPFE) highlights crucial role of European Forests    FOREST EUROPE: New brand name for the Ministerial Conference on the Protection of Forests in Europe (MCPFE)   

COP15 | vor 11 Jahre 9 months

Presidents from eight Amazon countries meet on Thursday to lay out a save-the-jungle proposal for the UN climate conference.  

ForestTalk.com | vor 11 Jahre 9 months

The provincial government of Nova Scotia is restoring forests in Cape Breton's Mabou Highlands ravaged by the spruce bark beetle.

The Sydney Morning Herald | vor 11 Jahre 9 months

TIMBER company Gunns is poised to further increase control of Australian forests, emerging as favourite to take over the running of Great Southern's management investment scheme plantations. Six months after debt-laden Great Southern's collapse as investors flew the sector, Gunns was named...


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