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The Guardian | vor 10 Jahre 10 months

Ecuador's President Rafael Correa has abandoned a unique and ambitious plan to persuade rich countries to pay his country not to drill for oil in a pristine Amazon rainforest preserve.

IUCN | vor 10 Jahre 10 months

IUCN’s “Towards Pro-Poor REDD+” project in Uganda has produced a study on REDD+ benefit sharing that provides concrete recommendations to guide Uganda, as well as other developing countries, when designing and implementing REDD+ strategies. 

The Jakarta Post | vor 10 Jahre 10 months

A non-governmental organization said a claim that Rimba Raya Conservation had obtained approval from the Indonesian government for its world’s largest carbon project, on 64,000 hectares of areas in Indonesia, was in fact untrue. Greenomics Indonesia said that it had verified various legal and...

Engineering News RSA | vor 10 Jahre 10 months

Paper, pulp and packaging group Sappi will sell its Usutu Forest Products subsidiary to timber products provider Montigny Investments for R1-billion in cash. The proceeds from the sale of Usutu, which controlled some 67 000 ha of softwood plantations and a decommissioned pulp mill, in Swaziland,...

CIFOR | vor 10 Jahre 10 months

BOGOR, Indonesia (19 July, 2013) — Studies about the impact of logging on biodiversity in tropical regions should be scrutinized, conclusions toned down or even discounted, according to a recent publication in the journal “Conservation Biology“ that has revealed widespread methodological flaws.

Vancouver Sun | vor 11 Jahre 1 Woche

Our concerns about climate change have focused on limiting rising emissions from the burning of fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas, which push carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. We don’t focus as much on land-use change, and for a country like Canada, with a vast land base, it is time...

Africa Review | vor 11 Jahre 1 Woche

Multinational companies are profiting hand over fist from abusive forestry practices in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where illegal logging, mislabelled timber and false permits are widespread, according to several non-governmental organisations.

UN-REDD | vor 11 Jahre 1 Woche

Most people associate Mongolia with vast open plains and rolling hills of steppe grassland, but it also contains significant forest cover. The UN-REDD Programme recently completed a study to calculate the economic value of the forest sector and assess key financing constraints. This work forms part...

World Agroforestry | vor 11 Jahre 4 Wochen

Agricultural carbon projects involving smallholder farmers can take up to 16 years to generate a profit from carbon credits. Meanwhile, farmers’ direct income from poles, timber and fuelwood could be 50 times higher than the value of carbon revenue.

Guyana International Times | vor 11 Jahre 1 month

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Guianas has expressed concern that the cut to the budgetary allocation for the Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS) will undoubtedly negatively impact the country’s development initiatives through the revolutionary programme. The strategy, that seeks to transform...

LEAF Asia | vor 11 Jahre 1 month

Engaging in REDD+ and seeking to take part in the opportunities and benefits of REDD+ requires credible scientifically-based estimates of emissions and removals of greenhouse gases from human-induced activities that change the cover and use of forest lands.

EnvrioScope | vor 11 Jahre 1 month

April, 2013. Scheyvens, Henry; Sagara, Miho and Ibarra Gené, Enrique. Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES), Japan. 133 pages. ISBN: 978‐4‐88788‐133‐4

FSC | vor 11 Jahre 1 month

Danish NGO NEPCon has recently released a study entitled ‘Field perspective comparison of forest carbon and forest management standards.’ The research, commissioned by the Rainforest Alliance, recognizes the function of responsible forest management in retaining and increasing carbon stocks. It...

Asian Scientist | vor 11 Jahre 1 month

Maximizing crop yields on existing farms in an effort to stem rampant land clearance in developing countries may become financially untenable in the long-term, researchers say. Researchers from Singapore, Switzerland and the United Kingdom modeled the long-term consequences of this ‘agricultural...

DWT Online | vor 11 Jahre 2 months

PARAMARIBO - John Goedschalk, the President’s climate adviser, is proud with the approval of the REDD+ preparation plan by the World Bank. “I’m proud that the project plan is a real Surinamese product.

DWT Online | vor 11 Jahre 2 months

PARAMARIBO - The first results of the pilot project National Forest Inventory of the Forest Management and Inspection Foundation (SBB) seem promising. Starting in April of last year, 3D aerial photos were taken of the country’s forest. “The system meets our expectations,” says SBB general director...

Google | vor 11 Jahre 2 months

A delegation representing the International Forestry Fund visited China in September (2010) to meet with provincial governors and their senior forestry officials. In Beijing the delegation visited the State Forestry department and learnt about the past challenges and current opportunities that...

DEVSUR | vor 11 Jahre 3 months

PARAMARIBO–Suriname has secured approval for its Readiness Preparation Proposal (R-PP 2013) and will receive US$ 3.8 million to prepare for participation in the United Nation’s REDD+ initiatives that focus on reducing emissions from deforestation and enhancing forest carbon stocks.

Landscape Blog | vor 11 Jahre 3 months

Suriname is an interesting example when considering development of sustainable agricultural sector in the context of a landscape approach; one that considers multiple demands from scarce land resources, such as food and fuel, and preserving nature. The smallest sovereign state in the South America...


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