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Environmental Research Web | vor 10 Jahre 8 months

Tropical forests are home to many species as well as a store for large amounts of carbon, but they’re under threat of destruction. International legislation set up at the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio aims to maintain both these functions, but the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and United...

CIFOR | vor 10 Jahre 8 months

Much of the initial optimism about the contribution of biofuels to energy security, climate change mitigation and rural development has given way to skepticism about its economic viability and bad publicity about related land grabbing and environmental destruction. Within a highly polarized...

International Forest Industries | vor 10 Jahre 8 months

Forestry is delivering a massive economic benefit to the Gisborne region in New Zealand and, with an expected boom in log exports, by 2020 one in 10 people could earn a living from the sector, according to a new economic study. Forestry is worth more than NZ$225 million a year in the East Coast...

Red Orbit | vor 10 Jahre 8 months

According to a new study led by Princeton University, enhanced growth of the Earth’s plants during the 20th century has caused a significant slowdown of the Earth’s transition to being “red-hot.” This study, the first to specify the extent to which plants have prevented climate change since pre-...

University of Kent | vor 10 Jahre 10 months

New research has found rainforests that have been logged several times continue to hold substantial value for biodiversity and could have a role in conservation. According to principal investigators, Dr Matthew Struebig and Anthony Turner from the University of Kent’s Durrell Institute of...

ZEE News | vor 10 Jahre 10 months

Washington: A new study has revealed that tropical forests speed their own recovery by capturing nitrogen and carbon faster after being logged or cleared for agriculture. Researchers working at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama think the discovery that trees "turn up" their...

IISD | vor 10 Jahre 10 months

September 2013: Following a decade of allocating hundreds of small grants to strengthen the participation of stakeholders in developing national forest programmes, the National Forest Programme Facility of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO) will continue as the Forest and Farm...

TreeSearch | vor 10 Jahre 10 months

Author: Fried, Jeremy Date: 2013 Source: Science Findings 155. Portland, OR: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station. 5 p. Station ID: SF-PNW-155

EU Commission | vor 10 Jahre 10 months

Introduction Deforestation is the permanent conversion of forest land into other uses. The main drivers  of worldwide deforestation are agricultural expansion, logging, expansion of urban areas, and natural or human-induced disasters (e.g. wildfire).

The Jakarta Globe | vor 10 Jahre 10 months

More than 120 representatives of Governments, international organisations, civil society and the private sector gathered this week for the UN’s long-term finance wrap-up meeting in Incheon, South Korea. Hopes were that discussions would generate specific recommendations for Ministers to consider...

ECO-Business | vor 10 Jahre 10 months

Indonesia will reconsider its cooperation with the World Wild Fund (WWF) and other foreign agencies for their failure to help manage the country`s forests effectively, according to Forestry Minister Zulkifli Hasan. After inaugurating an online licensing service facility here on Wednesday, the...

Der Standard | vor 10 Jahre 10 months

Zwischen 1990 und 2008 90.000 Quadratkilometer Wald für Agrarprodukte für Europa abgeholzt

Deutsche Welle | vor 10 Jahre 10 months

After Ecuador announced it would drill for oil in its pristine Yasuni National Park while blaming international donors for failed conservation efforts, Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa has now canceled German aid.

INESAD | vor 10 Jahre 10 months

According to a recent study funded by the World Bank and published in Science magazine, tropical land use change was responsible for 7 to 14 percent of gross human-induced carbon emissions between 2000 and 2005.

CIFOR | vor 10 Jahre 10 months

BOGOR, Indonesia (27 August, 2013) — Understanding the vulnerability of forest-dependent communities is a point of departure for building more effective climate mitigation and adaptation strategies, a study has found. Among its findings, the study reported that mitigation activities might make...

International Forest Industries | vor 10 Jahre 11 months

Pellet exports from the two primary pellet-producing regions on the North American continent – the US South and British Columbia – showed no signs of slowing in early 2013, with the rate of growth likely to accelerate in the second half of the year.

Die Presse | vor 10 Jahre 11 months

Amazonien sieht nur so aus wie ein Paradies. In Wahrheit ist es eine „grüne Wüste“ mit kargen Böden, aus denen die Biomasse kaum Nährstoffe ziehen kann. Die sind stattdessen in ständiger Zirkulation – neue Pflanzen gedeihen dort, wo alte verrotten –, und Nachschub kommt nur von weit her, von sehr...

CIFOR | vor 10 Jahre 11 months

BOGOR, Indonesia (6 August, 2013) – A large-scale study has found that a handful of big trees store up to half the above-ground biomass in tropical forests, raising implications for forest management and climate change mitigation.

The Guardian | vor 10 Jahre 11 months

Ecuador's President Rafael Correa has abandoned a unique and ambitious plan to persuade rich countries to pay his country not to drill for oil in a pristine Amazon rainforest preserve.


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