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What a year it’s been for those involved in carbon markets. A raft of new legislation, a jump followed by a dramatic drop-off in carbon pricing and then a slow-down in trading. The roller coaster ride has caused plenty of angst for those foresters, emitters and investors with an interest in carbon forestry. Carbon markets, both in Australasia and internationally, have changed dramatically in just 12 months.

Last year over 250 forestry and finance business leaders came together for Carbon Forestry 2011. This was the first event of its type focussing on carbon forestry and carbon trading opportunities. Planning is already underway by the Forest Industry Engineering Association (FIEA) to design the Carbon Forestry 2012 event for Australasian foresters, financiers, investors, carbon traders and brokers and those involved in carbon offsetting. It’s planned to run again in Auckland on 22-23 August 2012.

At this early stage we would be interested in hearing from those companies or individuals that would like the opportunity to present - or be involved in displaying at the August programme. If keen on being involved in this year’s Carbon Forestry 2012 event, please email ken.wilson@fiea.org.nz BEFORE Friday 17 February.


Extpub | by Dr. Radut