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Company signs farmers on to US$30m eucalyptus project

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July 08, 2011
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ForestCarbon Asia
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Birla Laos Pulp and Plantation Company has invested about US$30 million to plant eucalyptus trees in Laos.

Company Chairman Mr Ramesh Vasudevan said a total of 11,867 hectares had been planted by May this year and that eucalyptus trees are being grown in 79 villages of five provinces. “Farmers will be encouraged and supported in operating eucalyptus plantations,” he said.

“Our initiative is benefiting over 74,500 people annually through our community development programme, which focuses on health care, education, infrastructure development, community relations and sustainable livelihoods. In addition, 48 wells have been commissioned to deliver clean water supply to the villages and about 150 local staff have been trained in forestry, as office staff, and drivers,” Mr Vasudevan said.

Please click here  to read the original news item published on Vientiane Times from LaoFAB.


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