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Laos & Vietnam: The real chainsaw massacre

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December 23, 2011
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A new documentary film follows investigators from the Environmental Investigation Agency on a dangerous mission to uncover the stages of the illicit timber trade in Vietnam and Laos.

The EIA had already exposed the sheer scale of the illicit logging trade between Laos and Vietnam, which causes so much environmental damage, back in 2007 but after hearing of convoys of log laden trucks across the border in 2010 decided to go in again.
Their two week journey started in October 2010 with a series of meetings in Ho Chi Minh City, where EIA investigators posed as wood-buyers, to assess the volume of the trade.

Although there is a log export ban in Laos this illegal trade is feeding the Central and North Vietnamese furniture factories. The new documentary The Real Chainsaw Massacre, following EIA undercover investigators in Vietnam and Laos, makes its UK premiere on Nat Geo Wild this Thursday, December 22, at 8pm

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