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NewPage wants to triple its wood intake to generate power

May 8, 2009: NewPage wants to construct a biomass fueled power generation facility at its mill site in Point Tupper that would produce 60 megawatts of renewable energy for Nova Scotia Power.

The fuel would include bark from NewPage’s wood room, waste material from sawmills and wood not usable for other purposes, such as low-grade hardwood purchased from private landowners and harvested from the lands NewPage manages.

NewPage’s current papermaking operations require 250,000-300,000 tonnes of wood a year. The new facility would require 600,000-700,000 tonnes of biomass a year.

Nova Scotia Power's spokesperson Jennifer Parker said the biomass project will represent about 3% of the utility’s power generation, enough energy to power about 50,000 homes.

Construction would take about two years and create about 50 person-years of employment. Once in operation, it would support about 150 full-time forestry jobs producing the material and transporting it to the site. It could also support 40 jobs in the sawmill industry.

Many Nova Scotians are crying for a reduction in clear-cutting and harvesting. It will remain to be seen if public opinion will be swayed by the promise of employment. A Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board hearing has been set for June 22.

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