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17 October 2011: The UN-REDD Programme has opened for public consultation on its draft social and environmental principles and criteria. The consultation is open until 31 December 2011.

The Programme is developing a framework for ensuring that its activities contribute to promoting social and environmental benefits, and reduce any potential risk from implementation of REDD+ (reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation in developing countries, as well as conservation, sustainable management of forests and enhancement of carbon stocks) activities.

The criteria will be used to: assist countries in formulating national REDD+ programmes for which they seek UN-REDD support; review national programmes prior to submission for a UN-REDD Policy Board decision on funding; and assess national programme delivery. The criteria are drawn from literature on safeguards, standards and certification, as well as guidance provided by the Cancun agreements reached in December 2010 at the UN Climate Change Conference. [UN-REDD Press Release] [Publication: UN-REDD Programme Social and Environmental Principles and Criteria, Version 3]


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