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Pellet production plant has already been opened in Arkhangelsk region

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January 24th, 2011
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New pellet production mini-plant has already been put into operation in Nyandoma (Arkhangelsk region).

While opening the ceremony Vasiliy Krekhalev, the head of Nyandoma region, noticed that it was a very significant event for the region, which allow to solve several problems:  attract investors, solve the problem with raw waste lumber, offer alternative fuel and finally create new jobs - equipment is maintained by 16 persons.

Pellets are produced from bellow-standard timber: forest residue, raw waste lumber - half beams and bandings. Mini-plant capacity is about 2 t of pellets per hour.

Pellet production mini-plant - is a project, which has been supported by Nyandoma region administration during 2010. In Arkhangelsk region altogether produces up to 5 mln m3 of   raw waste lumber a year.


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